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Lesson 18: “Sponsor”

Worship: (1) The Lord Looks At the Heart, (2) You never fail, (3) You are my Best Friend.

Beatitudes: “Happy are the Pure in Heart.” 

Devotional: celebration place sponsor #2, Blessed are the Pure Heart, Beatitude 6 Pure in Heart.

Teaching Time: (1) Serving others, (2) Bible Study of Barnabu as a sponsor of John (Mark). 


Center 1. Need: Bible and shoes. READ: “I can do all things through Christ because he gives me strength,” (Philippians 4:13 ICB).

Center 2. NEED: Whistle, phone alarm or other Noise Maker. READ: “But encourage each other every day. Do this while it is “today.”Help each other so that none of you will become hardened because of sin and its tricks,” (Hebrews 3:13 ICB).

Center 3. Need: a bag with small items that represents things you church shares, examples money, food, homes, clothes, or time. READ the story in Acts 4:32-37; and here is a youtube video to help explain the story of the first believers of the church.

Closing/Prayer: (1) discuss the discovery of the centers, What did you learn? What did you experience?, (2) Share Individual Blessings, Prayers, (3) Leader Prayer: Heavenly Father, …. In Jesus Name. AMEN. (4) Read/Repeat/Say Serenity Prayer.

“Dear Heavenly Father, please help us today, and this week, to be people who give encouragement to others by using words to help them have courage. Thank you for helping us to get untangled from our difficulties and giving them to you to resolve. Help us to be sponsors or advocates to each other to build each other up with kindness.  In Jesus name, AMEN.”


1. Baker, J. Baker, J. Celebrate Recovery-Celebration Place, Leader Guide 2. Copy write 2014.
2. The Biblegateway. https://www.biblegateway.com/
3. YouTube Videos/Music by various Authors.
4. Serenity Prayer from Celebrate Recovery. https://www.celebraterecovery.com/resources/cr-tools/serenityprayer.

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