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Lesson 15- “Lesson Honesty and Moral” Character

Matthew 5:8

“Happy are the Pure in Heart,” (Matthew 5:8)

Worship Songs:

(1) Humble Yourself, (2) This Little Light of Mine, (3) My God is so big and so strong and so mighty song.

Devotional Time: Parable of Sower, Honesty, Blessed are the Pure Heart, Beatitude 6 Pure in Heart.

Teaching Time:

Lesson. Read Matthew 13: 3-9, Matthew 13:18-19, Matthew 13:20-21, Matthew 13:22, Matthew 13:23, Matthew 7:16-17.
Lesson continued.
Print and cut out images to make different groups. Use painters tape to make a four square on the ground and tape the different seed and ground types one in each square.

Journal/small group Time: Need pen/pencil, CP Journal page. Form groups. READ Small Group Guidelines. For discussion Questions see CR CP Leader Guide vol. 2.

Journal Questions 1,2,3.
Small Group Guidelines.


Center 1. Need: Bible, permanent makers, cup, potting soil, beans. Read Galatians 6:7-10.
Center 1 continued. Read Matthew 7:16-17.
Center 2. Need Bible. Read Philippians 3:13-14.
Center 3. Need: Bible, paper masks, scissors, makers, crafting supplies…
Center 3 continued. Read 1 John 1: 5-7.

Closing/Prayer Time:

Closing message.
Closing message.

Closing/Prayer: (1) discuss the discovery of the centers, What did you learn? What did you experience?, (2) Share Individual Blessings and Prayers, (3) Leader Prayer: Heavenly Father, …. In Jesus Name. AMEN. (4) Read/Repeat/Say Serenity Prayer

“Clarification: The bible is clear about whatever we choose to plant in our lives. When we chose to plant hurts, habits, and hangups, we will grow these things but if we choose to plant the fruits of the Spirit in our lives then we will grow beautiful gardens that we will share and spread life to all those in our lives. Read Matthew 7:16-17.”

“Father, sometimes we hurt others and sometimes others hurt us. And we may bury these hurt feelings deep inside trying to hide or ignore these feelings. We don’t want these hurts to grow into habits in our lives that are unhealthy. We know you see our hurts in our hearts. Thank you for hearing our prayers about these hurts, and help us to place them in your hands to heal us.”

“Father, we are sometimes afraid. We know you promise to always be with us, but we still get scared. Please hear our fears and bring us comfort.”

“Father, you say that the truth will set us free to live in joy with you eternally. Sometimes we are not honest with ourselves or others, we lie, we wear masks, and try to hide our true self. Please hear our honest prayer about things we have been dishonest about and forgive us. Thank you, heavenly Father, for hearing our prayers and for loving us so much, much more than we can fully understand. In Jesus Name. Amen.”


1. Baker, J. Baker, J. Celebrate Recovery-Celebration Place, Leader Guide 2. Copy write 2014.
2. The Biblegateway. https://www.biblegateway.com/
3. YouTube Videos/Music by various Authors.
4. Serenity Prayer from Celebrate Recovery. https://www.celebraterecovery.com/resources/cr-tools/serenityprayer.

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